About Us

Jumbo Chambers Legal is a member of the Cybercrime Law Society (Nigeria) and the Intellectual Property Law Association of Nigeria (IPLAW).

About Us

Jumbo Chambers Legal was established over three decades ago, as a general practice law firm. It has through years of testimonial law practice, zeroed in on very distinct and special areas of core competencies and in their wake embarked on dynamic, purpose-driven clients-conscious restructuring, to have a grandstand in the practice of law where technological advancement mocks the glacial speed of law and law reforms.

Accordingly, Jumbo Chambers Legal is structured as a technology-driven law firm, to act as a bridge amongst trans-continental clients whose global networks, would inevitably bring clashes of legal systems in a world made borderless by the internet.

Our vast, dedicated knowledge of different legal systems; the United States, Asia, the European Union, makes ours “a law firm without borders”. Our firm root in Nigeria makes us a one-stop, centre in Nigeria, for obtaining quality legal and consultancy services in diverse areas: IT Outsourcing, Intellectual Property Law, Advanced Domain name Issues, Digital Rights Management, computer crime Law, Telecommunications Law, Maritime Law, e-commerce Law, International Trade Law, Internet Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution, cybercrime Law and Arbitration.

Jumbo Chambers Legal is structured on interdependent quinary: Arbitration/ Mediation Section, Litigation/Advocacy Section, IP Law Section, Internet Law Section and International Trade Law Section. These respective sections are managed by competent and proven specialist attorneys trained to render professional services to meet client-specific challenges.

Our Capacity

Our attorneys are specially trained and experienced barristers and solicitors, The peculiarity of our practice makes, continuous updating of knowledge, by our staff, a standing policy of the firm.