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With our experienced team of legal professionals at Jumbo Chambers, we provide exceptional advocacy and guidance to help you navigate complex legal matters.


Welcome to Jumbo Chambers

Jumbo Chambers Legal was established on 15th February 1989 as a general practice law firm. It has through years of testimonial law practice, zeroed in on very distinct and special areas of core competencies and in their wake embarked on dynamic, purpose-driven clients-conscious restructuring, to have a grandstand in the practice of law where technological advancement mocks the glacial speed of law and law reforms.

Our Practice Areas

If you are facing any disputes, legal difficulties, or violations, and you are unsure about the appropriate course of action or how to navigate the situation without making it worse, it is advisable to seek assistance from a specialist. We can provide you with the necessary guidance to understand the nature of your issue and help you find a suitable solution.


Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Reconciliation & Mediation

IP Law

Trademark Copy Right Patent & Design Domain Name Issues Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Internet Law

Internet Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution Computer Crime Law Telecommunications Law E-commerce Issues


Civil Proceeding
Criminal Proceedings

International Trade Law

Commercial Law, Oil & Gas Law
Maritime Law, IT Outsourcing, Legal Drafting

Our Team

Meet Our Attorneys

Our attorneys are experienced in a wide range of legal fields, including arbitration, litigation (civil and criminal), intellectual property (trademarks, copyright, patents), domain name issues, digital rights management, internet jurisdiction, computer crime law, telecommunications law, e-commerce, commercial law, oil and gas law, maritime law, and IT outsourcing.

Our Case Result

In the pursuit of justice and fairness, our recent case has yielded a remarkable outcome that serves as a testament to the power of the legal system.